Monday, 27 August 2012


Yesterday I turned 26. I spent Friday and Saturday getting terribly drunk and making an arse of myself. Yesterday I went to the zoo and was treated to both breakfast (at Boston Tea Party) and lunch (The Burger Joint) by my amazing boyfriend, who came down Saturday.

I got sooooo many presents this year! I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life *weeps*

Here's the rundown of the gets for my 26th(!!!) year on Earth:

A wig with clip on ponytails, by Geisha Wigs from my Mum.

Unicorn charm and keyring

Cutest pallet ever by Claire's

Lush's new Emotional Brilliance, in Drive, for my lips :)

Cake earrings!


Lush soap

Pug in a wig broach

Love heart necklace

Big squishy unicorn. I called him Simon!

Space leggings

Sailor tee

Vintage hair brush, comb and mirror set

David Bowie paper doll!

Tiny the dog

Non latex dental dams. Practice safe sex kids!

A special edition Rainbow Dash

My Little Pony jigsaw

Beautiful unicorn necklace

Rochelle Goyle Monster High doll. She's so gorgeous!

Teeny sparkly pony. My housemate is converting her into a necklace for me :)

Not pictured is a unicorn tee shirt by H&M, fudge vodka(!!), the Labyrinth tee from my boyfriend, which is yet to arrive. My boyfriend is also giving me £50 for lolita, which I'm going to save for Christmas when he is also giving me £100 towards lolita too! So I'm going to buy a Christmas luckypack. If anyone can give me luckypack advice that'd be great!


  1. Wow, so many amazing gifts!! Congratulations!

  2. Aaahhhhh I'm so jelly, I really want Rochelle but I can't afford her Dx glad you had a good birthday!