Sunday, 18 December 2011

The best weekend ever!

This weekend I celebrated Early Christmas with my lovely boy, who came all the way from Oxford to be with me.

There were presents!
He got me things I asked for on my Amazon wishlist! I was really pleased with the selection! I got The Hunger Games trilogy, Whip It (I love the film and am eager to see what the books like!), Audition (which the film of the same title is based on), the new Nightwish album and Fables "From Fabletown with Love" which is a standalone book of stories about Cinderella.

In return, I got him a Guilty Gear game for his Wii, a big sleepy lion cuddly and a customised tee-shirt that says "watch out for snakes" which comes from the Eegah episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, our favourite show to watch together!

We also went to see Peter Pan at the Bristol Hippodrome. It had David Hasselhoff as Captain Hook! It was the most surreal piece of performance art I have ever seen! There was a Baywatch joke AND a Knightride joke AND he sung "Jump in my car." It was so funny and weird xD

After we came out of the theatre, it was snowing! We quickly realised it wasn't real snow but was foam. It was brilliant.

Then we went up Park St for our Christmas meal - Nandos! It's my favourite restaurant and we even shared some chocolate ice cream for desserts, which I've never had there before because I always eat too much and end up with a food baby.

Before Alex went home this afternoon we had breakfast at Wetherspoons. I had really nommy pancakes with bacon, egg and maple syrup - my favourite breakfast food. No wonder I put on weight with such delicious things available. We then watched an episode of Game of Thrones, which I am enjoying immensely and cuddled for a while before I walked him halfway to the train station.

It was an awesome start to my Christmas celebrations. On Friday I will go to my Mum's house for 2 weeks to celebrate Christmas proper with my family and see all my Midlands friends. And I'm going to London for 2 days to celebrate the new year with some of my London friends and Alex. I can't wait. I think this might be the best Christmas I'll ever have!

 I'm so glad that I feel a lot happier about Christmas this year - last year I was so horribly depressed that I couldn't muster up any enthusiasm at all, especially  because I couldn't afford to buy my nieces and nephews any gifts. This year I've managed on a tight budget to get everything I need to.

I'll leave you with this awesome picture that my friend Sophie drew of me, her and our friend Pie as My Little Ponies! We are all pony collectors so it's only fitting. Isn't it wonderful?

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