Friday, 2 December 2011

Insert Rebecca Black Reference Here

Today I had a to do list which consisted mainly of trying to find things for my hair for tomorrow's loli meet, getting a wig cap and new socks and making sure my clothes were ready for tomorrow!

I set off quite early at 11am and had a wander around the shops by my house in search of pink roses for my outift. I had no such luck :( After that I went into town.

I got some black, thick OTK socks with ribbon tied in a bow at the top from Primark, a new wig cap (cos mine has disappeared into the ether, much like many other things!) and I even managed to get my boyfriend a christmas present (after much hmming and aaahing!).

But the best part of the day was when I had a look in Family Bargains, a really cheap shop, for Christmas presents for my nieces and nephews. I found a Gen 3 Rainbow Dash!

She even came with a free VHS tape xD

I was really pleased that I'd found her and she only cost me £3.99! Which is still the equivalent of 7 of my other ponies which cost me 50p each! I seem to be having all the luck when it comes to pony collecting! I'm going to use the packaging to make badges - I'd been looking for cute things to use in my Badge It for ages.

Now, my clothes are hanging on my wardrobe doors ready for tomorrow. I'm getting up fairly early because the charity shop where I got some ponies for 50p last week are selling some more tomorrow and I want to go before I meet my friend and go to Bath.

As for the rest of the day, I think I shall just go SPLAT!


  1. I'd say you're having more pony luck than me, all my G3s cost at least £2 each from eBay and I've only bought G4s in stores...for like £6 each! So much moneyssss. I've never seen any in charity shops.

    But yay get to see you tomorrow =P

  2. Haha I think that some kids have left home and their parents are having a clear out xD it's weird that I've been here like 9 months and only in the last month seen all these charity shop ponies!

    Really looking forward to tomorrow! x

  3. Miss Hayley! I'm so glad you have blog! And it will be great to see you tomorrow! :)