Sunday, 4 December 2011

International Lolita Day

International Lolita Day (winter edition) started nice and early for me - awake at 8am and out of the house at 9am to go pony hunting! I was in luck; the charity shop has just opened and the lady remembered me from last week. I came away with three ponies. Including a unicorn!

I got Cotton Candy, Sparkleworks and Whistle Wishes. Not bad for £1.50!

I then got ready to go to Bath to meet all my loli friends. I was lucky in that I had prepared everything the night before, including practicing my make-up so getting ready wasn't as bog as a hassle as it normally would be!

After meeting my friend Syd in Bristol (she came all the way from Bedworth!) we headed to Bath. The train was totally rammed and we were like sardines in a tin can - which is very awkward in lolita!

It was great seeing all my South West friends again -  I hadn't seen them since the zoo meet in August! Real life and things often get in the way of frilly commitments. Amy had a present for me - hairbows I had commissioned from her!

Lovely Monika gave us all a gift too! Really cute phone charms she made. Now I need to get a phone case to attach them too! xD

Unfortunately the strudel bar was unable to accomodate all of us, which was a shame because it looked really lovely. A few of us ended up going for chinese food because we were hungry! Syd and I left early, because I was feeling really run down from all the walking and it was SO busy in Bath that I couldn't handle how crowded it was. Syd was getting a megabus back to Birmingham from Bristol so she came to my house for a cup of tea and a chat before leaving.

Despite bowing out so early, I had a lovely day and it was wonderful to see all my friends and make new ones too!

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